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We help make life better for American seniors. Our tech services provide safety, health, and connection. We enable freedom and independence at home!

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Our most popular medical alerts

The single best thing you can do to prepare for falls, heart attacks, strokes, fire, burglary, and other needs.

But we’re much more than medical alerts…
Daily Roll Call
From: $14.95 / month
  •  Only 50 cents/day
  • Peace of mind
  • Prevent disasters
$9.95 / month
  • Protect yourself
  • Maintenance free
  • 25-year life
Blood Pressure Monitoring
$29.95 / month
  • Portable, easy, quick, simple
  • Sends info to smart phones
  • View changes over time
Health Software
$6.95 / month
  • Health management software
  • Shares data with caregivers
  • Too many features to list!
Glucose Monitoring
$29.95 / month
  • Wireless data sent to family
  • Caregivers can monitor
  • Track changes over time
Brain Fitness Software
$9.95 / month
  • Clinically proven to help brain
  • For driving, balance, memory
  • Built by top neuroscientists
Weight Monitoring
$29.95 / month
  • Monitor your weight
  • Upload your measurements
  • Monitor over time
Activity Monitoring
$24.95 / month
  • Detects activity
  • Shows location in home
  • Sends alerts to family
Testimonials from clients

I built this house with my own two hands, and I’m not leaving it until they take me out feet first! BlueStar helped me reassure my family that I would be OK even if I fell or had an emergency of some kind.

Bob, US Air Force, age 82
BlueStar Client

Mom lives alone since Dad died, and I feel a whole lot better knowing that she can contact me with the press of a button.

Lisa, age 52
BlueStar Client

Ever since my surgery the kids have really been worrying about me. This service button will make them feel better.

Linda, widow, age 88
BlueStar Client

When I was a kid in Korea I never thought I’d live long enough to be 84.  But now that I’m there, I’m gonna be independent and do whatever the heck I want!

Hunter, US Marine Corps, age 84
BlueStar Client

I left my cell phone in the kitchen, went into the garage, and fell.  Took me an hour to crawl to the phone.  Never again—I’m going to WEAR my phone button from now on!

Carol, age 82
BlueStar Client

Our neighbor Jerry is a doctor, and now we can just e-mail him the health data from our monitoring system. Pretty nifty!

Bill, US Army, age 90
BlueStar Client

Mom fell last month, and she had to call 911.  Now, with the BlueStar Freedom Alert, they’ll contact us first.

Kevin, age 59
BlueStar Client

Now that Mom is using the blood pressure cuff, I can keep an eye on her via my smart phone, from 200 miles away!

Maryellen, age 57
BlueStar Client
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Focused on veterans in 4 ways:

Owned by Veterans


Serving Veteran Families


Hiring Veterans

We Hire Veterans

Giving to Vet Causes


We focus on veterans, their families, and the Americans who support them.

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We are dedicated to improving the quality of care and life of our veterans and seniors everywhere with our senior care and elderly care products. Our medical, emergency and health alert systems and products help make independent living safe and enjoyable while delivering peace of mind to seniors and their loved ones. Our senior care products like help buttons, fall protection systems and emergency alerts help ensure everyday safety and quick response when help is needed while our medical monitors and alert systems, medicine reminders and brain fitness elderly care products help keep our veterans healthy and active. Our directories of veterans services and organizations and healthy resources make healthy aging in place easy and attainable while keeping our veterans and their families connected and support. Browse through our senior care products that help to keep your veterans safe and alert all time.