Learn about BlueStar SafeGuard to keep Seniors Safe at Home
Learn about BlueStar HealthGuard to keep Seniors Safe at Home
Learn about BlueStar Ranger to keep Seniors Safe at Home

Much More Than a Medical Alert Button

BlueStar Wearable Medical Alerts

Multiple Functions

6 safety functions plus health monitoring connected to your cell phone

BlueStar Wearable Medical Alerts


Lightweight and water-resistant pendant and wristlet options

BlueStar Wearable Medical Alerts


Plans from $49.95/month (Annual plan for SafeGuard, including automatic fall detection and smartphone app)

BlueStar HonorCareVeteran owned and operated. 17 retired admirals and generals on our staff and advisory board.

We are proud to continue serving with honor!


Thousands Trust BlueStar HonorCare
For Independence & Safety,
You Can Too

With BlueStar on guard, you can rest assured that your loved one is safe at home or on the go. As a veteran-owned company, we serve all seniors, but we hire vets, donate to veterans causes and offer special pricing to vets and their families.

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