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Baby Boomer’s Financial Struggles Continue

Baby Boomers took it in the collective wallet when the financial crisis hit millions of Americans hard, real hard. Nearly half (48%) of them now expect to have a full time or part-time job after they reach "retirement" age. This is way up from 35% before the financial...

The Siren’s Call and Second Chances

A Siren's Call & Second Chances was written by Medal of Honor recipient Tom Kelley and his wife Joan -- described as "two proud Bostonians whose love for their country is as powerful as their love for each other," this book chronicles their inspirational lives....

A Tribute to America’s Warriors

President George W. Bush has pursued painting in his years since the White House, and has just completed a year-long project in which he honors veterans who have inspired him by painting them and sharing their stories of courage and perseverance. His compilation of...

5 Easy Steps to Staying Heart-Healthy

February is Heart Health Month, and a time when there is more than enough advice out there for ways to keep your heart beating strong and healthy for years to come. It can be overwhelming to consider all the lifestyle changes that are recommended, however, and the...

Giving Back to Vets

Valentine's Day reminds us of the importance of love, doesn't it?  Hearts, flowers, and Cupid's arrows celebrate romance and intrigue, but love also includes acts of compassion and caring that go far beyond a box of chocolates. Take Dante Potter, an 18-year-old senior...

10 Achievable Goals For Family Caregivers In 2017 | Care2 Healthy Living

What follows are some realistic, achievable New Year’s resolutions for family caregivers to help you navigate another demanding year.

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Care2 offers some good tips on how to stay on track to achieve the goals you set for 2017. A couple of examples: 1) Be patient with your impatience and 2) take care of your health. We’ll add this one: Be proud of being a caregiver! 

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