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Pets for Seniors Guide

Aging In Place provides guides with advice and resources to help seniors make better decisions. Their 'Pets for Seniors Guide' points out the benefits seniors enjoy with a pet, as well as, the pros and cons of different types of pets.


Since its inception in 2004, dLife has become the premiere platform to inform, inspire, and connect with millions of diabetes patients, consumers, and caregivers and in the process positively impact engagement and ultimately health outcome.

dLife's award-winning media outlets include, the leading online diabetes destination attracting over one million unique visitors each month and featuring the widest and deepest variety of original content and resources anywhere; dLifeTV, the only web series dedicated to people with diabetes, airing Sundays on (7 p.m. ET, 4 p.m. PT), dLife Mobile applications, and other consumer and professional programs driving proactive diabetes self-management with improved health outcome.

National Council on Aging: Falls Prevention
National Council on Aging: Falls Prevention

The National Council on the Aging's Center for Healthy Aging website provides aging service providers easy access to resources, such as manuals, toolkits, examples of model programs, and links to websites, tools and resources for fall prevention, including a resource library of ready to use materials, media toolkit, and more to promote Falls Prevention Awareness Day.

Keystone Medicare Assisted Living Facility

Keystone Nursing Care Center provides services that may be covered by Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance or by clients. Clients may be referred by their physician, case worker, hospital social worker or by contacting Keystone directly. Services may be provided in the home of at various times throughout the day and is a available 7 days a week.

Medicare Skilled Nursing Home Care Facility

Rockwell Nursing Home, in Rockwell Iowa is "so much more than a nursing home".  They are also a rehabilitation center for those needing short-term placement following a hospitalization and a respite care provider offering short-term stays for those receiving care at home.

Elder Care: First Steps

Caring for an aging parent, elderly spouse, domestic partner or close friend presents tough challenges. Often, you're not sure of the next step, or even the first step. This article from Aging Parents and Elder Care is a step-by-step guide to help you begin your care giving journey.

Nursing Home Health Care

We offer assisted living facilities, homes and apartment for senior citizens along with in home assisted living medicare coverage. Visit us for elderly assisted living communities and retirement nursing homes facility for senior citizens in Columbus Junction Iowa.

Senior Independent Living, Osage Iowa: In Home Care for seniors, Elderly Home Health Care

The perks of senior independent living / in home care for seniors are stress free living with a lifestyle that is active healthy and independent along with good facilities for elderly home health care. We also provide coordinated transportation, weekly housekeeping, laundry services, planned activities etc

Contact us:
914 Davidson Drive, Osage, IA 50461

Drug Watch for Seniors

Usually drugs and medical devices improve the quality of life for those who are prescribed them. But sometimes drug and device vendors inadvertently put products on the market that aren't safe, ones that can make things much worse than why they were needed to treat the original ailment. Drugwatch can help seniors avoid drugs or a mix of drugs that can be more harmful than good.

National Diabetes Prevention Program

The CDC-led National Diabetes Prevention Program is an evidence-based lifestyle change program for preventing type 2 diabetes. This year-long program helps participants make lifestyle changes such as eating healthier, including physical activity into their daily lives, and improving problem-solving and coping skills.

Diabetes Health Center on WebMD

The WebMD Diabetes Health Center includes a useful directory of information and resources for those interested in learning more about Type 2 Diabetes. Resources include; health tools, symptoms to look for and causes, tests, available treatments, and how to live with Type 2 Diabetes.

Pets for Patriots

Their goal is to make the benefits of shelter pet adoption a reality for military personnel, ensuring many years of friendship, companionship and joy with their honorably adopted dog or cat.

American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry

The American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry is a membership association of nearly 2,000 geriatric psychiatrists and other health care professionals in the United States, Canada, and abroad, dedicated to the mental well-being of older adults.


This choir consists of seniors that perform all over the country.


The website is designed for any senior looking for gainful employment.


This blog has articles that can help readers deal with dementia and Alzheimer’s.


The website is intended for everyone who wants to maintain a healthy weight, but it also has information for seniors.


Reaching a healthy body weight is important for people of all ages, and this government website contains information on how to reach a healthy body weight.


This website is for a print magazine that covers product reviews and offers forums.


This personal computer is designed for seniors to be easy to use.


If seniors want a community that encourages them to get fit, then this association is the place to start. The programs include hiking excursions and training at the gym as a group.

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