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How can I tell which product is best for my needs?

BlueStar Product Decision ChartEach product has different functions and benefits.  We’ve produced a chart that lists the common concerns we hear from our customers and notes which products address those concerns.  Please click the chart at right to open PDF.


How do you set up the smartphone app?

Simply download the app from your app store to your phone. Follow the simple set up instructions provided.

The app is available in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Search for “Care4Mom.” It is important that the Caregiver is listed as an emergency contact by the monitoring center, with the correct cell phone number and email address. Use the account number found on the bottom of the device when registering.

What does the Care4Mom app do?

The app will indicate anytime the emergency response button is pushed, if a fall is detected, the battery status of the devices, and all health vitals you are monitoring, such as weight, blood pressure, blood oxygen or temperature. It will show the weather your loved one is experiencing as well as any messages you are sending or receiving. The app also allows you to record and send reminder messages to the SafeGuard device.

How do you store mom’s medical information such as prescriptions, allergies, doctors, health history and forms in the smartphone app?

In the Care4Mom app, you go to the senior’s page and under their name you will see “See profile.” Click on that and then you will see all of the choices where information can be entered. Click on each category and enter the information there; be sure to click “Save” after entering the information.

If I order a daily check in call, how do I find out if everything is OK or not?

Once you initiate daily check in calls, you will receive a call or email (depending upon how you set up the service) indicating your loved one’s responses to the caller.

How do I record and send messages?

Press the record message button on your app. Record your message. Set the send parameters (when and how often you want the message sent) and press send.

How do I receive updates about what’s happening in my loved ones’ house? Is it on my phone or will someone call me?

Your app will automatically update if the emergency button is pushed or a fall is detected. If you wish to be notified, be sure to turn on Notifications by clicking on the word “more” at the bottom of the page, then clicking on the 3 dots icon at the top right of the Notifications page, and then making your notification choices. You will receive a phone call from the emergency monitoring center if you are on the call list.

Is a daily check in call included in the monthly plan price?

The daily check in call is an additional service. Please call customer service at 1-800-300-1724 for more information.

If I order a daily check in call, can I start and stop that at any time?

The daily check in service is available for a minimum of one month.

How do you set up the emergency alert wearables?

SafeGuard and HealthGuard offers two types of wearables, our standard wearable, which is a grey button that can be worn either in a pendant or a wristband, and our Fall Detect pendant. These wearables are paired with the base device prior to shipping.

How do you set up the SafeGuard device?

Just plug it in, turn it on, and it is ready to go! The on/off switch is on the bottom of the HomeAssure device. If you have any questions, call 800-300-1724. After we ship it to you, our Activation Team will call and check just to make sure your set up is good.

What is the difference between SafeGuard and HealthGuard?

Both systems use the same core devices. HealthGuard adds the ability to monitor specific vital signs including weight, blood pressure, body temperature, blood oxygenation. You can choose any two vital signs with the basic HealthGuard package, and add more for an additional fee.

What if my loved one is hard of hearing?

The volume control on SafeGuard includes settings for the hard of hearing to ensure that anyone can hear the messages.

Does my loved one have to take their own blood pressure? Weight? Other measurements?

Anyone can take the measurements as long as they are using the HealthGuard devices that communicate the readings to the base device.

Are these emergency alert devices waterproof?

The devices are water resistant and can be worn in the shower or while washing dishes. They are not waterproof and we do not recommend that they be worn while swimming or otherwise submerged in water.

What does SafeGuard do?

SafeGuard has many functions.

  • PERS Detection: SafeGuard receives input from the wearable emergency alert devices worn in the house. If a fall is detected or the button is pushed, the hub will alert the monitoring center, which then implements the emergency call procedures.
  • Message Center: SafeGuard will receive and deliver your messages to your loved one. When you record a reminder or message through your app, you can send it directly to the device. Set the day and time for it to be available to your loved one. You can set each message for desired frequency – once, daily, weekly – through the app. The messages button on SafeGuard will light up and stay lit until the message is played.
  • Emergency Alerts: SafeGuard broadcasts emergency alerts active in the area (severe weather, etc.) independently of other media in the home.
  • One-Touch Call Button: SafeGuard has another call button that can be programed to call any one number directly or be used for concierge or dial-a-nurse services.
  • Volume Control: SafeGuard has volume control allowing those with hearing limitations to make the volume the right level for them to hear messages.
What if we don’t have reliable cell service where my loved one lives?

SafeGuard and HealthGuard are dependent upon AT&T cell service. We will confirm that your area has sufficient cell service to support the system prior to completing your contract. If you do not have reliable cell service, please call us at 1-800-300-1724 so that we can discuss alternative options.

Does this connect with Alexa?

The SafeGuard and HealthGuard systems do not connect with Alexa at this time.

Ranger Mobile Medical Alert

Is the Ranger device waterproof?

It is shower-safe and water-resistant, but not water-proof. It is a little cell phone, so if you submerge it in water, it may stop working. On the other hand, it can be worn in the shower; it’s designed to be thoroughly splashed with water with no ill effect.

Can I swap out the lanyard?

The lanyard we provide is the safest available— it is a “breakaway” lanyard that will disconnect before it becomes a choking hazard. If you don’t like the basic lanyards, others are available. See our website or talk to our customer service team, but please don’t substitute your own lanyard, as it may not be the safe “breakaway” variety.

Does the Ranger always know where I am?

The Ranger locates you using Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites. If the Ranger is indoors, or is outdoors in a place that can’t provide a connection to the sky, it may have difficulty finding you. This is common to all GPS devices. If the Ranger can’t connect to the GPS satellites, it will report you at your last known location, meaning if you’re in your home, the Ranger will know that’s where you are.

What about the delay in responding?

It takes a few seconds for the Ranger to connect to the monitoring center because it first accesses all your GPS data so it will be immediately available to the monitoring center operator. This is normal and should not be a concern.

Can I charge it without the charging cradle?

Yes- the Ranger will accept a micro-USB charging cable. See the directions provided with the shipping package, and it will show you where it is.

Can you adjust the volume?

The device volume is fixed. However, if you have a hard time hearing it, let us know and we’ll place a note in the record so that when the monitoring center operator talks to you, he or she will know to speak up.

How often should I charge it?

We recommend you put it in the cradle to charge it either every night, or every other night. Put the cradle on your bedside table so the device is still available to you.

Does it still work while it’s in the cradle?

Absolutely! If you need it, push the silver button and you’ll get help whether the device is in the cradle or not.

How do I activate it when I first get it?

When you receive the device, please call our Activation Center at 800-300-1724. We’ll get you all set up and tested. If we don’t hear from you, we’ll call you within the first couple days after you receive the equipment.

Do I have to turn it off on a plane?

Ideally, you should. Directions on de-energizing the unit are provided with the shipping package. However, if you don’t, it’s not dangerous, since the cellular connection only occurs when you press the button.

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