Valentine’s Day reminds us of the importance of love, doesn’t it?  Hearts, flowers, and Cupid’s arrows celebrate romance and intrigue, but love also includes acts of compassion and caring that go far beyond a box of chocolates.

Take Dante Potter, an 18-year-old senior from Green Mountain High School in Denver. He has a heart for others, one that inspired him to join a growing movement called the Big Idea Project that started at Columbine High School after the tragic shootings there.

This initiative has spread to a number of high schools around the country, and Dante has brought it to his own, hoping to inspire other teens to make a difference with caring acts to bring about change.  He says, “If we could all give something back to somebody every single day the world would be a lot better place.”

The Green Mountain High School Big Idea Project is giving back to homeless veterans in the area right now. The teens provide care packages with sleeping bags, rain-proof covers and all the basics to those in need.

“It is very good especially to know you’re impacting  someone who gave years of service, selfless service to provide you with freedoms,” Dante said. “The Big Idea Project was one of the best experiences as far as getting out of the classroom environment.”

Dante himself has plans to join the veteran forces. He will be attending college on a Navy scholarship, and we expect to hear more great things about this fine young leader.


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