Activity Monitoring

$24.95 / month

  • Detects activity
  • Shows location in home
  • Sends alerts to family

Our Activity/Location/Security packages provide web-based monitoring for activity, location, and the status of doors and windows. This package has any combination of three (3) sensors, which you can use to help family members “keep an eye” on other loved members.




Our Safety packages use door sensors, window sensors, and motion sensors that connect through a gateway to a web-based application to monitor basic activity, providing alerts and indications to caregivers. Passive detectors around the home can indicate activity, or lack thereof, so that family can “keep an eye” on parents without being intrusive. For instance, a motion detector in the kitchen can inform a daughter 200 miles away when Dad comes down for breakfast, or another sensor might remind her that the front door has been left open. In each case, the system will send a signal to her computer or smart phone.

Our Safety three (3) package allows you to pick any three devices, either motion sensors or door/window sensors. The sensors are easily attached and detached, and communicate wirelessly with the gateway. This system requires an internet connection in the home.  They connect to the BlueStar health monitoring software, and work in tandem with the BlueStar medical alert systems and the health monitoring systems.

Comes with our health monitoring software which allows tracking of data, scheduling appointments, setting reminders for medicine and doctor visits, etc.


Comes With:

  • Three (3) BlueStar safety motion or door/window sensors of your choosing
  • BlueStar’s Health Monitoring Software


  • Detects door and window activity
  • Detects motion
  • Sends alerts to your family or caregivers


  • High-Speed Internet Connection


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