$29.95 / month

Safety and peace-of-mind for less than $1 a day! ($29.95* monthly)

All subscriptions come with our satisfaction guarantee and a month-to-month agreement so you’re never locked into a long term contract.

*Inquire about our discounted pricing for U.S. military veterans and their immediate family members. Call (800) 300-1724 ext. 1

In-home safety

The BlueStar Sentry features a powerful and waterproof pendant, allowing you to speak to our monitoring center from anywhere in your home! Available as a pendant or a belt clip, it features a small but powerful speakerphone and a 600’ wireless range, keeping you connected throughout your home. The base station also features a dedicated “Caretaker” button, allowing you to call a pre-programmed family member or caregiver with a single press.

1-800-300-1724 ext. 1

We offer monthly, quarterly, and annual plans (call for details):


Call 800-300-1724 ext 1 to speak with one of our Product Specialists.



With our Sentry medical alert system you will be able to get help from anywhere in and around the home. With a simple push of a button, the Sentry will be able to assist you with your emergency, dispatching the proper help and remaining on the line until they arrive. The included base station features an extra rechargeable battery (with charger) for the pendant. The Sentry pendant is fully supervised and has a 3 year battery. Up to 9 pendants will work with one base station.

In addition, the “Caregiver” button on the base station can be programmed to call a family member or other caregiver with a single press of a button.

Additional accessories available for purchase include; cellular accessory, two-way pendants, basic push-to-activate pendants, or wall mounted two-way communicators.

For those without home phone service, our optional cellular communicator allows the BlueStar Service Companion to connect you to our monitoring center* via AT&T’s cellular network.

*24/7 Nationwide Monitoring (U.S. based emergency monitoring professionals supporting 200 languages)


Comes With:

  • (1) BlueStar Service Companion
  • Base Station


  • 24-Hour Monitoring by our 24/7 Monitoring Center.
  • Push the button to speak to our representatives, who can assist you with your emergency.
  • Up to 600 foot wireless range.


  • Requires either a land-line telephone connection or a cellular communicator add-on. The landline unit is compatible with most home phone service providers. Please contact one of our representatives at 1-800-300-1724 ext. 1 or for compatibility or ordering questions.
  • Please check for AT&T cellular coverage at your home with this easy tool before ordering the cellular option.

*AT&T cellular coverage: CLICK HERE

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