Video Intercom

$14.95 / month

Our video intercom service connects you with the people you love, whether they’re downstairs or across the country.

Call 1-800-300-1724 for more information.


Video Intercom service from BlueStar

Our new video intercom service that Mom can use to talk to her adult kids and grandkids every day, face-to-face, is helping bring families closer together regardless of the miles that separate them!

BlueStar provides video intercom services for seniors, powered by the amazing Nucleus device. We’ll pre-program the unit, ship to Mom and adult child, and provide ongoing tech support services. We plan on integrating other services with the video intercom devices, too!

Mom requires absolutely zero technical ability to receive calls. Easier and better than FaceTime or Skype!

The device works with Amazon Alexa too!


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