We’ve continued to look for good ideas to share with you as you search out gifts for friends and family. Below are some more suggestions for items that a senior in your life might enjoy. We are including a link to a buying site, but ask that you do your own price comparisons. Happy shopping!

Toro Power Shovel & Electric Snow Thrower

Compact and easy to maintain with electric power, the Power Shovel is lightweight (just 12-1/2 pounds) and a good option for someone who is not able to tackle large snow-shoveling jobs. It’s ideal for walkways and steps, and the handle can be adjusted to the user’s height.  MORE INFO


Nature’s Hangout Window Bird Feeder

Made from high transparency acrylic, this feeder attaches to your window with suction cups and makes bird watching fun and easy from inside your home.  The feeder holds up to four cups of seeds and has a padded grip on the seed tray as well as a top cover piece to keep the birds happy.  MORE INFO


Coloring Book for Seniors:  Anti-Stress Designs

Art Therapy Coloring has designed a coloring book to enable senior citizens to experience the joy of coloring. This book has the same quality of artwork found in their other anti-stress coloring books with an essential adjustment — the designs are enlarged so that they are easier to see and color. Coloring is a good way to increase focus and reduce stress.  Relax and enjoy! MORE INFO



 Cross-Cut Shredder

Identity theft is an issue at any age, but seniors are especially vulnerable. A reliable shredder that is easy to use can be a first line of defense at home. Be sure your shredder has a cross-cut or micro-cut to ensure the shredded pieces cannot be reassembled. It should also shred credit cards and CDs. MORE INFO



The Book Seat

This hands-free book holder will mold itself  to sit at any angle on any surface that it’s placed on. Filled with Polystyrene beads that enable it to sit into any position, the Book Seat makes reading in bed or a chair much more comfortable and pleasurable. Your hands are also left free in case you might want to eat, type, etc.  MORE INFO

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