Managing Chronic Health Conditions & Illnesses

Blue Star wants to help families manage these conditions

Managing chronic conditions can be among the most effective ways to ensure good health & good quality of life in seniors and their families.

Nine out of ten older Americans have at least one chronic condition, and seven of ten seniors have two or more. Blue Star wants to help, In whatever little we can, Blue Star wants to help families manage these conditions. Here are some of the most chronic illnesses, and how our offerings can help in their management:


  • High Blood Pressure (affecting 58% of the population*). Hypertension is the #1 most prevalent chronic health conditions. Use Blue Star equipment to measure daily and record results. Use our software to alert family members to out-of-spec readings and dangerous trends.
  • High Cholesterol (affecting 45% of the population). Use our software to record data from blood tests, to inform caregivers, to set up programs and schedules, to track food and weight, and to incentivize improvement. Use our scale to passively monitor and report on weight progress.
  • Heart Disease (affecting 31% of the population). Use our healthcare management software or equipment to manage medicine intake and activity; measure weight and blood pressure; and report to caregivers. Use the goals program to track and incentive exercise.
  • Diabetes (affecting 28% of the population). Use our equipment to measure, monitor, track, and report on blood sugar levels. Use the software to manage schedules, medicine, and activity.
  • Depression (affecting about 19% of the population). Our Brain HQ offering can stimulate and exercise the brain. Our community offerings can help connect the veteran with other veterans and with other seniors with common interests. The health management software can help inform on activity, which can help to indicate changing levels of depression.

*These population figures are from the “2012 Chartbook on Chronic Conditions and Chronic illnesses Among Medicare Beneficiaries,” published by the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Remember: whether it’s Elderly Alert Systems, or elderly care products or card aids, or home care for seniors, try Blue Star first. We provide senior health and senior safety, through our integrated suite of monitoring devices for the elderly, and our elder care services.