Ambio Healthcare Management Software Solutions

Free copy of this powerful software available to all Blue Star members

Bluestar provides huge value through our Ambio Healthcare Management Software, free for members


BlueStar provides the Ambio FDA 510(k) class II cleared, HIPAA-compliant Healthcare Software solutions. It does a number of great things, but our Top Ten are listed below.

 Just the Software—No Equipment Required:

  • health management softwareMedicine and appointment reminders. You can set the software to notify seniors and caregivers via phone, text, or e-mail when it’s time to take medicine or see the doctor.
  • Family care circle. You can establish a “care circle” of family and caregivers, to allow everyone to see what’s going on, and to participate in the family care effort.
  • Scheduling calendar. The healthcare management software provides a calendar to track the many appointments, and to keep everyone informed.
  • Logging and tracking data. You can manually input any amount or kind of data, from how many miles Dad walked this week to Mom’s cholesterol reading from her most recent appointment.
  • Survey tool. You can program healthcare software to call any senior as often as you choose, and have the system provide a brief survey asking any questions you choose, like “how well did you sleep last night?” and “has your chest hurt at all today?”. Tracking these responses over time can help the family and doctors deal with real data.
  • Points and rewards. If you choose, the program can set up a points and rewards system, to track and incentivize any parameter you wish, from weight loss to exercise to eating habits. An elderly mom who is not eating can get 2 points for every protein drink she has and a trip to her favorite shopping center every time she accumulates 20 points.
  • Export of Information. All of the information in the system can be printed or sent via e-mail to anyone.

In addition to the above, if you purchase monitoring equipment, you can also:

  • Collect information on blood pressure, blood glucose levels, or weight. Our equipment passively records data and sends it to the web, where it is viewable by everyone in the care circle. Absolutely no effort on the senior’s part is required. You can get daily updates via e-mail or text if you choose, or receive alerts when levels are out of expected range.
  • Monitor activity. From a distance, you can monitor a senior’s activity using door and window sensors, and motion detectors. For instance, if Dad normally has breakfast at 7:30 am, but one day he didn’t come down to the kitchen by 10 am, would you want to know? If Mom didn’t leave her bedroom for the entire day, would you want to know? Using healthcare software solutions, you could receive a text message for any usual activity, or lack thereof.
  • Send information to clinicians. You can graph, print, and e-mail any data to any clinician. When Dad sees the Doc about his blood pressure, don’t rely just on the reading on that visit—show the doctor the graph of Dad’s blood pressure for each of the last 30 days. Much more informative!

There are three ways you can get this incredible software:

  • Purchase any of our medical alert systems, health monitoring systems, or activity monitoring systems, and you get this Healthcare Management Software free.
  • If you are one of the early Blue Star members that sign up during our launch, we’ll provide you the healthcare management software at our expense. However, this offer is limited, so don’t delay.
  • After that initial launch period, you can purchase the software for $6.95 monthly. See the Connection department of our Store for details.

When you think elder care, or elderly alert devices, or healthcare software solutions or elderly home care products, think of BlueStar and the BlueStar community. For home monitoring devices for the elderly, for alert devices for the elderly, Blue Star provides the best value from the most trusted source. Elderly home care isn’t easy- we know! Think of us as your trusted partner.