BlueStar Honor Care for Senior Living Solutions

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BlueStar Honor Care for Senior Living Solutions

Modern Technology for Seniors' Independence

We are dedicated to improving the quality of care and life for our veterans and seniors everywhere. Our medical, emergency, and health alert systems and products help make independent living safe and enjoyable.

Featuring the BlueStar Ranger Personal Emergency Response System

The Ranger is for people on the go providing 24/7 professional help with a push of a button anywhere. Using GPS and cellular technology the Ranger provides your exact location to our professionally trained agents. The 2-way communication allows the user to speak directly with one of our agents who will provide the needed assistance. Its small size and light weight make it a favorite among those who remain active and want a mobile device to be prepared for any emergency everywhere they go.


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I live alone so I bought a medical alert from BlueStar because their service reaches all over United States wherever I’m at and the distance is not limited. When I tested it, the response and service provided were very well and quick. Their rep was also very good, polite and professional.

*** Mary in Florida ***

I am very proud to say that I have had my Blue Star for several months.  I have had multiple falls and someone is always there immediately to help me.  I am part of a US Navy family.  My first husband was in WWII and my second husband was in KOREA.  My oldest son spent 23 years in Iran and Afghanistan on several aircraft carriers.  He retired as a Warrant Officer.  I am very proud to be able to impart this information.

*** Doloris in Ava Illinois ***