President George W. Bush has pursued painting in his years since the White House, and has just completed a year-long project in which he honors veterans who have inspired him by painting them and sharing their stories of courage and perseverance.

His compilation of portraits, along with stories about the heroes, make up a new book, “Portraits of Courage:  A Commander in Chief’s Tribute to America’s Warriors.” The goal of the project is to celebrate these heroes while calling attention to the support veterans need in transitioning from military to civilian life. The book was released today on Amazon.

From Amazon’s description of the book:  “Our men and women in uniform have faced down enemies, liberated millions, and in doing so showed the true compassion of our nation. Often, they return home with injuries — both visible and invisible — that intensify the challenges of transitioning into civilian life……..It is President Bush’s desire that these stories of courage and resilience will honor our men and women in uniform, highlight their family and caregivers who bear the burden of their sacrifice, and help Americans understand how we can support our veterans and empower them to succeed.”

To read more about the Portraits in Courage project and President Bush’s work with our nation’s veterans, click here.

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