There is no better time to exercise than when you’re older. Exercise for seniors is essential for good health.

water aerobicsAlthough many older people know the importance of physical fitness, it is estimated that about 85 percent fail to exercise on a regular basis.  They don’t do it for the same reason younger people don’t exercise – it’s too hard, it’s too boring, or it takes too long to see the results of their effort.

This is a big mistake for a number of reasons.  For starters, regular physical activity, in addition to making you look and feel good, lowers risk for a variety of conditions that increase when we age.  This includes heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, high blood pressure and obesity.  According to one aging expert, “Biologically you can reverse the aging process by 15 to 25 years.”  In addition, exercise can maintain your mobility, keep your bones and muscles strong, promote good balance, and combat frailty.  Enhancing your fitness will also increase your metabolic rate and burn calories, decrease body fat, improve immune function and promote bone density.

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